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Spatial Planning beyond boundaries?

Dialogue on a Regional Planning approach at the District level in India

Save the date: 6/7 September 2017

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Growing urbanisation requires us to preserve a healthy balance between nature, rural settlements and urban regions, including the market driven peri-urban growth. There is a constitutional mandate to generate spatial planning in each district, but we still witness haphazard developments. The question that arises is how and why spatial planning is contained within boundaries, when economic development goes beyond. DoLR and GIZ are collaborating for a land use planning and management project which aims at developing policies and norms for district spatial planning.

The Indo-German Dialogue on “Spatial Planning beyond boundaries?” seeks to address the following questions:

How can spatial planning contribute in strengthening the balance between “the natural”, “the rural” and “the urban” beyond boundaries?What is the right scale of work for such spatial planning?How can the existing provision of a district planning in India contribute in this regard? 

The Indo-German Dialogue offers a unique perspective by bringing together multiple stakeholders and experts including spatial planning, public officials, consultants and academics to explore spatial land use planning into a workshop environment with rich discussions.

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Venue: India Habitat Centre, Delhi

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