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Conference on Peri-Urban Development: Concept, Emerging Ideas and Notions of Sustainability

27-28 January 2017,  IIT Madras

In South Asia peri-urban areas are growing at a much faster pace than many core cities and towns. These areas, which are beyond a city’s administrative limits but adjacent to them, are transition zones between urbanised pockets and the rural agricultural hinterland. Unplanned growth in the context of environmental changes, including climate change, poses serious challenges to sustainable development. In the face of these complex dynamics it has become imperative to assess and steer the development process in these regions in order to ensure their sustainability and resilience. What new frameworks of governance and institutions might be suitable to reduce vulnerability and promote sustainability? The conference on peri-urban dynamics will examine various themes such as urbanisation, peri-urban ecosystems, water and their uses in the peri-urban, political frameworks and governance.

Mr. Georg Jahnsen, Project Director of the Land Use Planning and Management project presented in the opening panel of the conference Approaches of land use planning in the peri-urban.

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Presentation by Georg Jahnsen, GIZ India