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Conference on Regional Planning in India: Policy, Planning and Implementation

15 November 2018

ORF, 20 Rouse Avenue, New Delhi

ORF and GIZ organised a conference on “Regional Planning in India: Policy, Planning and Implementation” on 15 November 2018 at ORF, New Delhi.

The conference is an important activity under the on-going ‘Land Use Planning and Management (LUPM) project’ of GIZ.

The main purpose of organising the conference was to exchange knowledge on various issues of regional significance, and the regional planning initiatives underway to address social, economic and physical inequalities.

The conference programme comprised an inaugural session, and four thematic sessions, namely policy and planning experiences, the regional dimension, planning innovations, and urban regions.

In the inaugural session, the distinguished guests, including Dr. M. Ramachandran (Former Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development), and Prof. N. Sridharan (Director, SPA Bhopal) delivered valuable remarks on regional challenges confronting India, and emerging regional development patterns.

Previously, Dr. Rumi Aijaz (Senior Fellow, ORF) and Mr. Felix Knopf (Advisor, SUID, LUPM, GIZ) welcomed the participants and informed them about the purpose of organising the conference.

Twelve subject specialists presented their work in the thematic sessions. They covered a variety of topics within the broad field of regional planning, including regional disparities, planning approaches, regional commuting patterns, etc. The speakers were from different regions of India - east, west, north and south. Such a wide representation was found to be very useful because it helped the participants in understanding the unique regional diversity of India.

Each thematic session was chaired by an eminent subject expert, namely Dr. S.K. Kulshrestha, Prof. N. Sridharan, Mr. P.S. Uttarwar, and Dr. Vinod Tewari. The session chairs gave valuable suggestions on the presentations delivered by the speakers.

The conference finally ended with concluding remarks and vote of thanks by the organisers - GIZ and ORF. About fifty persons (including speakers and general invitees) participated in the conference.

Besides the above-mentioned aspects covered, the important message that emerged from the conference is that the regional planning approach is being used in only a few Indian states, and there exists the challenge of its wider application across India, as well as effective plan implementation.

The speakers who presented their work received good comments, which will help them in improving their draft papers. Once all papers are received, these will be peer-reviewed and processed for publication. The main objective of the GIZ – ORF engagement is to publish an edited volume.